Imagine shopping for children’s shoes and actually enjoying the experience!

Imagine a store that’s fun and modern where you receive personal service and attention by qualified Clarks fitting specialists.

Imagine a place where your children can entertain themselves while you browse the selection.

At Stomp Footwear your dream is now a reality !

For years, Angela Fine, mother of 3 children, searched for a children’s shoe store like this with little success. So, she decided to do something about it!

“I found it so frustrating to have to wait up to an hour sometimes, without so much as a book to keep the little ones quiet. And in department stores I could never find anyone when I needed them and it was rare I would leave feeling confident the shoes purchased were right for their wide feet! I thought there must be a better way than this.”

Now long boring queues with screaming kids are a thing of the past. Kids can be entertained by the latest DVD, build with lego or read a book.
Mum’s can relax on an ottoman with the latest magazine or take time browsing the extensive range of shoes from favourite local and gorgeous European brands like Clarks, Ecco, Mod8, Start-rite, Salt Water Sandals, Ciciban, Garvalin, Birkenstocks and more. And there is a full selection of sizes, including narrow and wide fittings from newborns to teens.

“We can even fit orthotics.”

Now finally you can look forward to buying your children’s shoes!