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At Stomp Footwear we provide a Professional Fitting Service.

Your child’s feet are soft, supple and naturally beautiful. And it’s important to keep them that way.

However, along the way children may develop foot problems, many of which can be avoided simply by ensuring your children’s shoes fit properly.

At Stomp, all our staff are professionally trained Clarks Fitters and offer a professional fitting service and advice.

Why does this matter?

Children’s feet start by being soft pliable tissue and the bones aren’t fully formed until they are 18 years old. So, for the first few years they won’t feel the soft cartilage being squashed out of place by poorly fitting shoes. Nor can they adequately communicate this to you. You will have very little idea if the shoes are damaging their feet. 

Some of the problems that can occur include blisters and bone deformities that can make walking not just uncomfortable but a complete pain in later life.

Our trained Fitters have the knowledge and skills to recognise a good or bad fit. They can accurately measure not just the length but also the width and depth of your child’s feet and can advise the best shoe for their individual feet. Remember no two feet are the same!  Unlike clothing, which you can see yourself if it doesn’t fit, shoes can be difficult to judge. There needs to be enough growing room in both width and length to allow the feet to fully relax and develop throughout the life of the shoes.

Our trained fitters also select appropriate shoes to accommodate your child’s Orthotics if they use them.

Don’t leave it to chance – bring your child in to a reputable specialist childrens’ shoe store for a professional fitting service and the best fit possible.